About Me

Software Developer

I am a back end software developer specializing mainly on Java and C# with core understanding and experience on web development.

" i have a dream of helping people to learn and be educated with the help of computer technology."

Business Background

I have a solid background in business administration work flow of market research, sales and good communication skill,

" Including, running my own business firm "


Obtained a Post-graduate diploma of International education on core objectives of planning ,organizing implementation and evaluation on education.

" Served as an IT instructor roughly for two years"

My Work Experience

  • 2015 to current

    Sales Colleague I am a sales colleague at Currys PC world on computing and hardware department which main duties are to Provide computer based solutions for customer and advise products on both business and consumer markets and also provide Technical constancy on computing hardware and accessories.

  • 2013

    After finishing my Post Grad i started my own import firm with a partner in Ethiopia, which is mainly importing goods from computer hardware to furniture even musical instruments from Dubai and China. I had a priceless experience on learning to became my own boss and the chance to travel the world for business.

  • Oct-2010 - Nov 2011

    Universal University College of Medical Science

    I was an IT department head and part time instructor with main responsibilities To design and implement a Library database.
    manage, control and troubleshoot network activity in all workstation
    Design, implement and update the college’s website and also any Installation, Assembly and maintenance of computer hardware and software.

  • Where it all begin...

    After finishing college, my first job was an IT instructor on a small computer training center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Limited partnership with the owner of the school. I had the duty to facilitate and provide computer courses, marketing and promotion which helped me and the school to double the profit with in few months.

Skill Set

Hard Skill

  • Guru
  • Expert
  • High
  • Intermidiate
  • Basic
  • Basic

    I understand it but need a good practice

  • Intermidiate

    Challenged but can work my way round

  • High

    I can build a program from start to end and improving everyday

  • Expert

    I can totaly do any thing i want

  • Guru

    Probably Expert + Super fast

Soft Skill

Administrative & Business

Not only i had different business courses for my first degree at the Uni, but i had spend around 5 years on real business environment to be involved in admin work flow, marketing, sales etc...

Communication & Adabtability

After i finished my uni at the age of 21 until now, i have traveled around 10 countries for business, education, seminars, work and holidays. I beleive i can easly blend to almost any diverse and multicultural workforce environment.


Being a self employed and my self study programming courses at JustIT had thought me how to make my self always motivated,self encourage and never give up until a problem is solved.

Willingness to Learn

No matter how much experience and education i have, i will always be hungry to learn new skills.


Contact Me

Bisrat Shiferaw
London UK
+44 7802756442
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